Nepali Sanima Life Insurance Limited was incorporated under the Companies Act, 2063 on 2064/08/13. Beema Samiti awarded the operating license on 2074/05/07 as per Sub-clause 3 of Clause 10 of Insurance Act, 2049 and Sub-rule 1 of Rule 8 of Insurance Regulations, 2049 to conduct business of Life Insurance and the company started its commercial operations on 2074/08/22. Promoted by Non Residents Nepalese (NRN), who have investment in Finance, Banking, Hydropower and Tourism etc in Nepal, Sanima Life Insurance aims to be a trusted name in the Life Insurance Sector of Nepal. Sanima Bank is the major promoter of Sanima Life Insurance Limited.

Sanima Life Insurance is committed to provide an entirely new experience to the insuring public in Nepal through state-of-art technology and variety of options in respect of products. For Sanima Life, everyone the new born, the youth and the senior citizen, is a potential customer to be served with financial security for their loved ones and innovative financial solutions for themselves. We are here to offer an excellent insurance service to our customers through courtesy and transparency in all our interactions because for us every customer matters.

The promoters of Sanima Life Insurance have a long-term commitment towards their customers and stake holders. These strengths and values have been inherited by Sanima Life Insurance, as we make our way to becoming one of the leading company in the Nepalese Life Insurance Industry.


The authorized capital of the company is NRs 300 crore and Issued and Paid up Capital is NRs 140 crore. As per regulatory provision, Sanima Life will issue IPO of NPR 60 crore, after which paid up capital will be 200 crore.

70% of issued capital has been subscribed by the promoters and 30% of the issued capital will be allotted to the public through IPO as per regulation in this regard.


For healthy and scientific distribution and management of risk, the company has made re-insurance agreement with the domestic reinsurer: Nepal Reinsurance Company.


To be the leading life insurance company in Nepal through continuous innovation, presenting the best value to it’s customers through financial security, long term prosperity through best returns and impeccable service, thus improving the quality of life of Nepalese people while contributing to overall national development.


S – Security and Service

  • Sanima Life endeavors to provide financial security to all through best service and value added products

P – Prosperity

  • Sanima Life shall never compromise with the ethical standards for a healthy growth of itself and it’s stakeholders

E – Ethics

  • Sanima Life envisions a nation with all it’s citizens leading a prosperous lifestyle and secured future

C – Corporate governance

  • Sanima Life aspires to develop and imply the best corporate governance, that shall further strengthen the impact of all other corporate values.

I – Integrity

  • Sanima Life shall maintain the highest level of integrity and transparency thus gaining the trust and credibility of all it’s stakeholders

A – Accessible

  • Sanima Life shall make itself highly available to all public through expansion and provide the best service in the most convenient manner.

L – Leadership

  • Sanima Life shall endeavor to lead the life insurance industry of Nepal through innovation in products and process and by adopting the best practices from around the globe.